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Tamworth Town Information

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Tamworth Castle - Photo © Darren Cummins
Tamworth Castle - Photo: Darren Cummins CCL

Once the home of the Reliant Robin – made famous by the antics of TV’s Del Boy – historic Tamworth lies on the banks of the River Tame and has a sense of antiquity. In the 8th century it was home to the Mercian King Offa and the site of his mint. Two hundred years later King Alfred’s daughter, Aethelfraed, fortified the town after crushing an army of Danes. In the 11th century the Normans provided the town with a dramatic motte and bailey castle which has managed to survive, thanks to some later additions. Its 17th century town hall, together with local almshouses, was built with cash made available by local MP Thomas Guy, founder of London’s Guy’s Hospital. In front of the building is a statue of Prime Minister Robert Peel who lived here from 1830 until his death in 1850.