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Burton-upon-Trent Town Information

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An interesting town with pleasant riverside walks, Burton lies on the River Trent and was noted in the Middle Ages for its cloth making until an enterprising monk in the 13th century discovered that its local water helped to produce excellent beer. It took 400 years and the arrival of the Trent and Mersey Canal before brewing began on an industrial scale, turning companies such as Bass and Marston into household names. Later the town became famous for another well-known brand, Marmite, a yeast-based byproduct of the brewing process.

Ferry Bridge, Burton-upon-Trent, designed by Lord Burton. Photo © Ralph Rawlinson
Ferry Bridge, Burton-upon-Trent, designed by Lord Burton. Photo: Ralph Rawlinson CCL

The man behind the Bass brewery, Lord Burton, created a number of significant buildings locally. These include the town’s magnificent Victorian town hall and the churches of St Paul and St Modwin. An important attraction is the Bass Museum which offers brewery tours.