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Alton Town Information

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Although this once quiet village has been made famous world-wide by Alton Towers, one of Britain's top tourist destinations situated on the opposite side of the Churnet valley, it still has other attractions for the visitor.
Alton Castle was built on the site of a Norman castle.

It was begun in 1847 to a design by the architect Pugin (of Houses of Parliament fame).

It is thought that the Earl of Shrewsbury wanted it constructed to house priests but Pugin was not enthusiastic about the idea of a castle to house priests and it was left incomplete.

The castle is approached from the village walking on a bridge over the moat.

The Catholic Church in Birmingham now owns it and uses it as a Catholic youth centre offering a variety of outdoor activities.

Alton Castle. Pic courtesy Alton Bridge Hotel

The idea for Alton Towers came from the 15th Earl of Shrewsbury but Pugin was a great friend of the Earl's nephew, John Talbot, who succeeded him as 16th Earl.

With Pugin's help he enlarged the house itself and was responsible for the construction of many of the Catholic churches in the area.

Alton Towers Lake