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Clun Town Information

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Clun Bridge, the oldest stone bridge in Shropshire - Photo © Penny Mayes
Clun Bridge, the oldest stone bridge in Shropshire
Photo: Penny Mayes CCL

Clun Castle - Photo © Penny Mayes
Clun Castle - Photo: Penny Mayes CCL

Ironically, the poet Housman called Clun one of the quietest places under the sun. It may seem peaceful today but clun has seen many battles in its time. It was here that the British chieftain Caractacus made a brave stand against the Romans, and here that Welsh raiders frequently terrorised the locals. Lying in the gorgeous Clun Valley, it is overlooked by the ruins of a Norman castle and is close to an Iron Age fort. Aston on Clun has an annual tree dressing which records the flight of Charles l after the Battle of Worcester. He spent some of his time hiding up a tree. The history of the town is recorded in the museum in the 18th century Town Hall. Nearby the 8th century defensive earthwork Offa's Dyke can be seen.