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Symonds Yat Town Information

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The limestone outcrop of Yat Rock rises 500ft and is one of the most famous viewpoints in the Wye Valley. Below it is an enchanting, wooded gorge and the twin villages of Symond's Yat East and Symond's Yat West, separated by the fast-flowing River Wye. You can cross the water via a hand-pulled rope ferry, although some visitors prefer to shoot the rapids in canoes.


River Cruiser on the River Wye - Photo © Pam Brophy
River Cruiser on the River Wye - Photo: Pam Brophy CCL

Symonds Yat rock and the Wye Valley - Photo © Pam Brophy
Symonds Yat rock and the Wye Valley
Photo: Pam Brophy CCL

The great Rock provides a natural nesting place for a number of birds, including the rare peregrine falcon. Nearby is King Arthur’s Cave, once home to prehistoric human hunters. The bones of hyenas and sabre-toothed tigers have been found here.

The Old Court Hotel in Symonds Yat West was the ancestral home of the Gwillim family. In 1782 Elizabeth Posthuma Gwillim married the soldier John Graves Simcoe who fought in the American War of Independence and went on to become the first Lieutenant Governor of Ontario in Canada. He also founded the city of Toronto. Canada’s Simcoe County is named after him.