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Credenhill Town Information

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Lying close to both Hereford and the headquarters of the Special Air Service (SAS), this is where the great cider company Bulmers tasted true success for the first time. It was here in 1887 that Percy Bulmer picked apples from the garden of his father’s rectory and, after pressing them using a neighbour’s old stone press, launched a company that today produces over 60 per cent of the UK’s annual cider consumption.

Cottages at Credenhill - Photo © Chris Shaw
Cottages at Credenhill - Photo: Chris Shaw CCL

With his elder brother, Fred, and a loan of £1,000 from their father, they bought a field near Hereford and built their first cider mill. Fred had turned down the job as tutor to the children of the King of Siam to join Percy… the same job taken by a woman named Anna who would later be immortalised in the movie and stage musical ‘The The King and I’. Half a mile from the village is a 50-acre Iron Age settlement dating to 400BC. It is thought to have been a tribal ‘capital’ which was the forerunner of modern-day Hereford. It lies within Credenhill Park Wood, an ancient woodland and Special Wildlife Site.