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Dursley Town Information

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A pleasant Georgian market town in the Forest of Dean, Dursley has a number of strange claims to fame, not the least of which is that Harry Potter’s surviving fictional relatives, the wicked Dursleys, were named after the place.

It was Dursley that gave us the safety bicycle, invented here by the Danish engineer Mikael Pedersen in the 1890s.

He died in poverty after returning to his homeland but his remains were later exhumed and shipped back to Dursley in a wine box for re-burial.

There is even a suggestion that William Shakespeare worked in the town as a schoolmaster.

Raglan House Mikael Pedersen's Home © Phil Champion
Raglan House, Mikael Pedersen's Home -
Photo: Phil Champion CCL

Dursley © Phil Champion
Dursley - Photo: Phil Champion CCL

Just as curious is the fact that the tower of the 13th century parish church had to be replaced in the mid-18th century after it collapsed during a bell-ringing session.

Such oddities, however, fail to detract from Dursley’s natural charm.

Lying on the edge of the Cotswolds, it once had a thriving woollen industry and is still surrounded by picturesque countryside, overlooked by a hill from which there are splendid views.