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Churches & Cathedrals in Gloucestershire

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Gloucestershire Cathedrals, Historic Churches, Abbeys

Gloucester Cathedral

2 College Green, Gloucester, GL1 2LR
Tel: 01452 528095 / 01452 874960   
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This exquisitely beautiful structure was built as a place of prayer to God and as a place of Christian pilgrimage. I hope that you will come and visit us in person and you will see it, too, as a pilgrimage.

Grey Rule

Tewkesbury Abbey

Abbey Office, Church Street, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, GL20 5RZ
Tel: 01684 850959    Fax: 01684 273113
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Although the Abbey was founded in 1087 by nobleman Robert FitzHamon, building of the present Abbey did not start until 1102. Built to house Benedictine monks, the Norman Abbey was near completion when consecrated in 1121.

Grey Rule