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Newport Town Information

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Newport is of Norman origins and its castle stands today, but there is evidence of human settlement as early as Mesolithic times. The town lies on the lower slopes of Carn Ingli, where, it is said, St. Brynach communed with angels.

The nearby ancient Preseli Mountains afford spectacular views from their summit and are, perhaps, the most magical part of Pembrokeshire.

Neolithic man lived here, and his places of worship - stone circles such as Gors Fawr near Mynachlog-Ddu and his cromlechs, or burial mounds, such as Pentre Ifan, still stand watch over the countryside.
  Preseli Mountains

It was from these Preseli Mountains that the famous bluestones were taken to Stonehenge, an incredible feat of engineering involving transporting 8-tonne stones along rivers and overland to Salisbury Plains.

In 1995, a ready-cut bluestone was discovered in the river near Milford Haven, where it had presumably tumbled off its barge on the long journey to Wiltshire 4000 years ago.