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Denbigh Town Information

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An ancient market town, Denbigh lies on a hillside overlooking the Vale of Clwyd. Above it is the ruin of the town’s limestone castle, created as a border stronghold after Llywelyn The Last was defeated in battle in 1282 by Edward l.

The remains include an impressive gatehouse with no less than three towers. So sturdy was this fortress that it later took Cromwell’s troops four months to bring about its fall during the English Civil War in 1646. The layout of the town itself has hardly changed since the Middle Ages.

Denbigh Town Centre - Photo © Dot Potter
Denbigh Town Centre - Photo: Dot Potter CCL

It once enjoyed fame as a glove-making centre and was the birthplace of a certain John Rowlands who changed his surname to Stanley and eventually located the explorer David Livingstone in darkest Africa, uttering those immortal words: "Dr Livingstone, I presume".