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Churches & Cathedrals in North Wales

Heritage sites also including abbeys, religious monuments in North Wales...

North Wales Cathedrals, Historic Churches, Abbeys

Rug Chapel

Corwen, Clwyd, LL21 9BT
Tel: 01490 412025

A delightful religious site that is a rare example of a little altered private chapel of the 17th century. The chapel is filled with fantastic carvings and elaborate roof decor.

Grey Rule

St. Winefride's Well

Plessington House, New Road, Holywell, Clwyd, CH8 7LS
Tel: 01352 713054

There's an atmosphere of peace in this place-a place of pilgrimage for 1300 years. A place where people come in faith to ask for God's favours. This is St. Winefride's Well. This holy place began with a legend. In 660AD the town of Holywell, located in northern Wales, was a cluster of huts centred around a church. Five hundred years of graffiti on the walls of the crypt attest to the years of unbroken faith in the well's healing powers. Thousands of visitors continue to come today. Candles of hope still shine. St. Winefride's Well is a place of pilgrimage, the Lourdes of Wales.

Grey Rule