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Rhondda Town Information

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The valleys of the rivers Rhondda Fawr and Rhondda Fach form a vast area contained within a series of dramatic hills, and before the 19th century they were verdant and unspoiled.

That changed with the timely discovery of ‘black gold’ and the arrival of an industrial revolution on a grand scale; at one stage the Rhondda supplied at least one third of the world’s coal.
Castell Coch - Photo © Gayle
Castell Coch - Photo: Gayle CCL
Rhondda Heritage Park - Photo © Chris Allen
Rhondda Heritage Park - Photo: Chris Allen CCL
Now that the last mines have closed the hills are reverting to their earlier green state and the story of King Coal is the subject of nostalgia.

One place that should be visited is the Rhondda Heritage Park which contrasts sharply with another local attraction, the fairytale castle of Castell Coch, a romantic ‘folly’ designed by the wealthy 3rd Marquess of Bute in the late 19th century.