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Pontypridd Town Information

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Waterfall on the River Taff near Pontypridd - Photo © Nantcoly
Waterfall on the River Taff near Pontypridd
Photo: Nantcoly CCL
Lying at the confluence of rivers Taff and Rhondda, Ponypridd was the home of the popular singer Thomas Jones Woodward (aka Tom Jones), who was born here in 1940, and Evan James, the weaver who penned the Welsh National Anthem, ‘Land of My Fathers’, in 1856. The great opera singer Geraint Evans also worked here as a teenager.

Equally famous is the town’s huge 18th century bridge spanning the Taff. A local stonemason, William Edwards, built it after an earlier attempt ended in disaster. Beside the bridge is a museum considered to be one of the finest in the region.