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Newport Town Information

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Newport is the administrative centre of the island and its Guildhall has a clock tower commemorating Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee. Built in 1816, it stands on the site of a much earlier building where, in 1648, Charles I met the Parliamentary Commissioners in an ill-fated attempt to hold on to his throne. The remains of a Roman villa also stand in Cypress Road.

St. James's Square, Newport - Photo: Isle of Wight Tourism
St. James's Square, Newport - Photo: Isle of Wight Tourism

The docks were once the hub of commercial shipping - some warehouses still remain. Frequent French raids led the Normans to build Carisbrooke Castle in the 11th century on the site of a Roman fort.

It was expanded and strengthened over the next 500 years. Charles I was brought here by his supporters after he lost the Civil War in 1647.

Instead of reaching a truce he was imprisoned and moved to the mainland’s Hurst Castle the following year.

A ‘must see’ is the Museum of Island History which gives an overview of the island’s turbulent past, using touch-screen computers, hands-on exhibits and audio experiences.