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Bembridge Town Information

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One of the largest villages in Europe, Bembridge has no less than three churches, five pubs, a number of boatyards, a lifeboat station, a ‘shipwreck museum’ and a commercial airport.

Its northern boundary is a natural harbour that has found favour with many sailors and yachtsmen.

When the tide drains from the beach visitors can see Bembridge Ledge on which many ships have foundered.

Bembridge Windmill - Photo: Isle of Wight Tourism
Bembridge Windmill - Photo: Isle of Wight Tourism

Stone-built Bembridge Windmill, erected in 1700, has been fully restored by the National Trust and is a genuine curiosity. It was originally operated by a man and a boy who worked 15 hours a day producing flour and animal feed. Convict ships bound for Australia would stock up with grain – and the windmill would be the last thing they would ever see of their beloved homeland.