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Bucklershard Town Information

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Sailing on the River Beaulieu - Photo © Jim Champion
Sailing on the River Beaulieu
Photo: Jim Champion CCL

It may be tiny but this secluded hamlet has quite a tale to tell. It lies on the Beaulieu River and for a short time was a major shipbuilding centre where 4,000 men toiled to build some 40 oak-hulled fighting vessels for Lord Nelson – including Nelson’s favourite ship, Agamemnon - in the Napoleonic War.

The village was created by John, Duke of Montagu as part of an ill-fated plan to lead an expedition to the West Indies. Today it is an important centre for leisure sailing. A maritime museum adds to the sea-faring flavour while the Master Builder’s House Hotel was once the home of the area’s most prominent shipbuilder, Henry Adams. Two cottages have been turned into ‘living’ museums to show what life was like in the 18th century.