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Poole Town Information

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With a rich maritime history, the busy resort town of Poole stands on the northern shore of Britain’s largest natural harbour and one of its biggest shallow water anchorages. Poole Harbour was, in fact, a key embarkation point for allied troops on D-Day.

As a port, the town enjoyed great prosperity in the Middle Ages and today offers cross-Channel sailings to France and the Channel Islands. It is also a popular destination for thousands of sailors, windsurfers, and even oil prospectors.

Poole Harbour Sunset over Main Channel - Photo © Peter Jordan
Poole Harbour, Sunset over Main Channel
Photo: Peter Jordan CCL

Branksea Castle on Brownsea Island - Photo © William Kemp
Branksea Castle on Brownsea Island
Photo: William Kemp CCL

The birthplace of the thriller writer John le Carre, its most famous export is the uniquely-designed pottery ware known as Poole Pottery whose products are now considered highly collectable.

Tower Park is one of the largest leisure complexes in the country, but Poole has many other attractions. Brownsea Island is worth a visit to see the rare red squirrel while a local waterfront museum explains the history of the area.