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Corfe Castle Town Information

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This quaint and quirky village in the Isle of Purbeck is dominated by the evocative ruins of a huge medieval castle which is one of Dorset’s major tourist attractions. Originally made of wood, it witnessed the murder of the teenaged Saxon King Edward the Martyr in 978AD by his stepmother, Queen Aelfthryth.

It was rebuilt in Purbeck stone in the 11th Century and improved by both King John and Henry III but, during the Civil War, it was blown up by Cromwell’s roundheads. A model village has been created using the same local stone to show how the castle looked in its heyday. 

Writer Enid Blyton turned the castle into a fictional fortress in her 1942 children’s book ‘Five on Treasure Island’ (1942). The village itself is separated from the castle by a large moat.

Corfe Castle - Photo © Richard Johns
Corfe Castle - Photo: Richard Johns CCL