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Castles & Ancient Monuments in South Somerset

Heritage sites also including Battlefield sites, Historic Landmarks & Roman Forts in South Somerset...

South Somerset Ancient Monuments, Castles, Roman Forts, Battlefield Sites, etc

Priest’s House

Muchelney, Langport, TA10 0DQ
Tel: 01458 253771    Fax: 01736 763689     E-mail:

Muchelney Abbey Photo © Val Ghose
Ruins of Muchelney Abbey -
Photo: Val Ghose CCL


Late medieval hall house in a picturesque village. The house was built by Muchelney Abbey in 1308 for the parish priest and has been little altered since the hall was divided in the early 17th century.

Interesting features include the Gothic doorway, beautiful double-height tracery windows and a massive 15th-century stone fireplace. The house is occupied and furnished by tenants. Nearby Muchelney Abbey (EH) can also be visited.

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Stembridge Tower Mill

High Ham, Somerset TA10 9DJ
Tel: 01935 823289     E-mail:

Stembridge Tower Mill -
Photo: Patrick Mackie CCL


The last remaining thatched windmill in England.

Dating from 1822 and in use until 1910, the mill is prominently situated overlooking the Somerset Levels.

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Somerset's Finest Hill Forts

Ham Hill Photo © Jim Champion
Ham Hill - Photo: Jim Champion CCL


Somerset is a region of highs and lows. Along the middle and northern parts, low coastline meets the marshy "Levels," while further inland lie the freshwater and peaty marshlands known as the "Moors." Most of this area is no more than 80 feet above sea level. Among these expanses of flatlands lie five ranges of hills: the Mendips, Quantocks, Poldens, Blackdowns, and Brendons. The topography here, as anywhere, has played a role in how the land has been used over the centuries.

Climb a hill in Somerset today and you may well see grazing land, roads, low-lying villages. You may also catch sight of drainage channels, locally known as rhynes (pronounced "reens"). These are key to why much of you see is land inhabited and used by people rather than simply being watery marsh.  More...

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Stoke-sub-Hamdon Priory

North Street, Stoke-sub-Hamdon, TA4 6QP
Tel: 01935 823289     E-mail:

14th/15th-century farm buildings, A 14th/15th-century farm, once a residence for priests’ serving at the Chapel of St Nicholas (now destroyed). The Great Hall is open to visitors.

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King Alfred's Tower

01747 841152     Web:

King Alfred's Tower is a building that serves no purpose, however its size and beauty make it an imposing addition to the landscape, and the views from the top are breathtaking.

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Cadbury Castle

South Cadbury, Yeovil, Somerset, BA22 7HA

Reputed to be King Arthur's 'Camelot'

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