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Dartmouth Town Information

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Dartmouth Castle - Photo © Sheila Tarleton
Dartmouth Castle - Photo: Sheila Tarleton

This once-mighty deepwater port on the River Dart has played a major part in British history. The Pilgrim Fathers came here on their way to founding modern America, Edward III’s fleet sailed from Dartmouth to assist the siege of Calais and the town’s 15th century castle was the first built in England to withstand the force of artillery.

Now a popular seaside resort, Dartmouth lies to the south of Torbay and has a number of significant buildings. These include the 17th century timber-framed Butterwalk, which houses a nautical museum, and the restored Agincourt House. The town’s towered church dates to the 1600s.
Bayard’s Cove is a cobbled quay lined with restored 18th century houses and contains a stone inscription recording the sailing of the Mayflower in 1520.

Dartmouth Castle and its sister castle, Kingswear, which lies on the opposite bank of the River Dart, were designed so that a heavy chain could be stretched between them to stop an invasion force from sailing inland.

Baynard's Cove - Photo © Sheila Tarleton
Baynard's Cove - Photo: Sheila Tarleton