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Ilfracombe Town Information

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The largest and most popular of north Devon’s seaside resorts, Ilfracombe was a small fishing village with its own natural harbour until the railways came of age and it was ‘discovered’ by the beach-loving Victorians.

Backed by jagged cliffs, it still exudes a Victorian elegance and has a well-earned reputation for staging summer-time floral displays.

Ilfracombe Coast Photo © Darren Cummins
Ilfracombe -
Photo: Darren Cummins

Ilfracombe Harbour Photo © Jill Everington
Ilfracombe - Photo: Jill Everington

  It also marks the start of a coast-to-coast cycle route that runs south to Plymouth.

It has a number of beaches as well as a private beach accessed via tunnels hewn through the cliffs.

The medieval Chapel of St Nicholas stands on a rock at the entrance to the resort’s picturesque harbour.
Fifteen miles out into the Atlantic is the unspoiled, granite island of Lundy, just three and a half miles long and half a mile wide.

Owned by the National Trust, it issues its own stamps even though it only has a few human inhabitants.

The car-free island is a haven for puffins and was named after the old Norse word for the colourful seabird.

The Lundy Ferry Photo © David Seale
Lundy Ferry -
Photo: David Seale

Chambercombe Manor Photo © David Seale
Chambercombe Manor - Photo: David Seale

  Marisco Castle dates to the 13th century.

Nearby lies 11th century Chambercombe Manor, set in four acres of beautiful gardens, and 19th century Watermouth Castle, which offers ingenious activities such as a dungeon labyrinth, a fountain show, a land of gnomes and a children’s ‘Merry-go-land’.