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Exeter Town Information

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No 1 Cathedral Close Photo © John Barrett
No.1 Cathedral Close (once Mol's Coffee House) -
Photo: John Barrett CCL

  An intimate and sometimes charming capital city, Exeter is particularly noted for its great Norman cathedral whose diamond-shaped close contains properties that hark back to the Middle Ages; Molls Old Coffee House, for example, was built in 1596.

The cathedral itself is a marvel of medieval stained glass and has a jaw-dropping vaulted ceiling.

The city centre had to be largely rebuilt after being bombed in World War 11 but it still has many reminders of its ancient past; the White Hart Hotel dates to the 14th century and other buildings have Tudor origins.
In some places the old Roman wall that once encircled the city is clearly visible.

Down at the quayside are restored maritime warehouses.

The old Customs House dates to 1680.

The city started life as the stronghold of the Dumnonii tribe of Celts but fell into the hands of the Romans and later the Saxons under Alfred the Great.

City wall Photo © Derek Harper
City wall - Photo: Derek Harper CCL

Guildhall Photo © David Stowell
Guildhall - Photo: David Stowell CCL

  Its 14th century Guildhall is one of Britain’s oldest municipal buildings and the Ship Inn is reputed to have been a favourite with local adventurer Sir Francis Drake.

Historic attractions include underground passages, the Royal Albert Memorial Museum and the 11th century Benedictine priory of St Nicholas.