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Ashburton Town Information

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St. Andrews Church, Ashburton - Photo © Patrick Gueulle
St. Andrews Church, Ashburton - Photo: Patrick Gueulle CCL

An ancient woolen centre on the banks of the River Yeo, Ashburton is one of Dartmoor’s largest towns and boasts an eclectic museum with an internationally-famous collection of North American Indian memorabilia. Ashburton became a ‘Stannary’ town in the 14th century where Dartmoor tin could be officially weighed and tested.

A number of arcane ceremonies are staged each year, including an ale tasting, a bread weighing festival and a 1,000-year-old Court and Law Day.
The River Dart Country Park is an outdoors adventure playground with trees that include redwoods and red cedars, and nearby Dartmeet is one of Dartmoor’s most popular beauty spots.

Buckfast Abbey, just a few miles from Ashburton, stands as a testament to the ingenuity and sheer determination of French monks who rebuilt it over a period of 30 years in the 20th century. The original 11th century structure abbey was destroyed by Henry VIII.

Also nearby is the Iron Age hill fort of Boro Wood Camp above the fast flowing the River Dart.

The West front of Buckfast Abbey - Photo © Richard Thomson
The West front of Buckfast Abbey
Photo: Richard Thomson CCL