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Helston Town Information

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Helston Church Area - Photo © T. J. Wright
Helston Church Area - Photo: T. J. Wright CCL

  Lying on the Lizard Point, this one-time tin mining centre is the most southerly town in Britain but is famous for its annual ‘furry dance’ (later corrupted into ‘floral dance’) in which couples dance not only through the streets but also through the houses.

Once an inland port, Helston lies on the River Cober and overlooks the largest natural freshwater lake in Cornwall.
The local scenery is magnificent although, for some, Flambards Theme Park, will prove equally attractive.

The town was the birthplace of Bob "Ruby Robert" Fitzsimmons, the first-ever triple world boxing champion.

In 1901 Marconi transmitted his first wireless message across the Atlantic from nearby Poldhu Point.

Cannon Helston Folk Museum - Photo © T. J. Wright
Cannon Helston Folk Museum -
Photo: T. J. Wright CCL