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Fowey Town Information

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With its steep, narrow streets and busy, sea-going atmosphere, Fowey (pronounced ‘Foy’) is one of Cornwall’s leading tourist hotspots.

In a waterside house lived Sir Quiller-Couch (1863-1944), author of some of the best stories written about Cornwall, who turned Fowey into ‘Troy Town’.

Fowey Town Quay - Photo © Graham Proud
Fowey Town Quay - Photo: Graham ProudCCL

Fowey Harbour - Photo © David Stowell
Fowey Harbour - Photo: David StowellCCL

A second literary connection was provided by the modern writer Daphne du Maurier who lived at 17th century ‘Mennabilly’. She immortalised the house as ‘Mandaley’ in her 1938 novel ‘Rebecca’.

Today’s ships carry cargos of china clay from Fowey but in the past it was this seaport which fitted out ships for the Crusades. Later, locals raided the French coast during the Hundred Years War and became known as ‘Fowey Gallants’.