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Cambourne Town Information

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Once one of the richest tin and copper mining areas in the world, this is now part of one of the largest urban areas in Cornwall, though brooding mine stacks and engine houses still survive.

Dolcoath mine was 3,500ft deep while South Crofty was Cornwall’s last tin mine.

The area was home to the great foundry of Holmans, Cornwall's largest maker of industrial equipment, which included the Sten submachine gun.

Cambourne -  Photo © Toby Speight
Cambourne -  Photo: Toby Speight CCL

Cambourne Business Park - 
Photo: Toby Speight CCL

In 1801 Cambourne witnessed the first-ever journey by a pioneering ‘motor car’, the steam-powered ‘Puffing Devil’. The invention of locally-born engineer Richard Trevithick, it was tested on Cambourne Hill.

Trevithick, who worked for the ‘Ding Dong’ mine at Penzance, went on to create the world’s first proper steam engine to run on rails. His statue stands outside Cambourne Library and each April the town celebrates Trevithick Day.