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St Paul's Cathedral

The Chapter House, St. Paul's Churchyard, London, EC4M 8AD
Tel: 020 7246 8357     Fax: 020 7246 8367
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St Paul's Cathedral - Photo David Williams -
St Paul's Cathedral -
Photo David Williams


The famous dome of St Paul's Cathedral is one of the iconic images of the London skyline.

This masterpiece of architecture, designed by Sir Christopher Wren, tops a building which is even more magnificent when viewed from the inside.


A visit to St Paul's is something you will remember for ever.

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Westminster Abbey

20 Dean's Yard, London, SW1P 3PA
Tel: 020 7222 5152    Fax: 020 7233 2072
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Westminster Abbey is a living church as well as an architectural masterpiece of the thirteenth to sixteenth centuries. Founded as a Benedictine monastery over a thousand years ago, the Church was rebuilt by Edward the Confessor in 1065 and again by Henry III in the thirteenth century in the Gothic style we see today. Kings, queens, statesmen and soldiers; poets, priests, heroes and villains - the Abbey is a must-see living pageant of British history. Every year Westminster Abbey welcomes over one million visitors who want to explore this wonderful 700-year-old building. The Abbey is open to visitors on weekdays and Saturdays. However because we are a working church Sunday is reserved for worship.
Nearest Tube Stations: Westminster / St James's Park

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London Oratory

Thurloe Place, Brompton Road, South Kensington, London, SW7 2RP

The building of the Oratory was completed in 1896 and it has some amazing architectural features including a Baroque dome and an impressive Nave, which is only dwarfed by Westminster Abbey and York Minster. There is an obvious Italian influence on the building's design as it is the home to the Catholic Oratorian Order - started by Philip Neri. Although a relatively young building, the London Oratory has some truly classic features. The twelve apostles seen in the Nave were carved in 1680 for the Cathedral in Sienna. The altar also dates back to the 17th century. Well worth a visit!
Nearest Tube Station: Kensington

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St. Martin in the Fields

Trafalgar Square, London, WC2N 4JJ
Tel: 020 7766 1100     Web:

St Martin-in-the-Fields is at the north eastern corner of Trafalgar Square and is a landmark. Its fine architecture and prominent location place it at the heart of the nation. Its work has valued historic tradition, but St Martin's has always been innovative in response to changing needs. From London's first free lending library to the first religious broadcast, St Martin's has broken new ground in defining what it means to be a church. The first church on this site stood here in the thirteenth century, quite literally 'in the fields' between London and Westminster. The present incarnation of the church was built one hundred years before Trafalgar Square, where it now stands, and was designed by James Gibbs. The design of the church was revolutionary and became the template for colonial churches right across America. The dominating steeple and columned face of the building were unique design features. The interior is galleried, like many Georgian churches and has two tiers of windows. The ceiling consists of gilded and painted plaster panels. St. Martins is the official church of Buckingham Palace and St. James Palace. St. Martins is still at the forefront of charity and provides meals for London's homeless. St. Martins has an acclaimed choir an often hold concerts with visiting musicians and orchestras. Admission is free and in the crypt visitors will find a caf, gift shop and the London Brass Rubbing Centre.

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London Brass Rubbing Centre

St. Martin In The Fields Church, St. Martins Place, Trafalgar Square, London, WC2N 4JJ
Tel: 020 7930 9306

If you've ever wanted to learn how to rub medieval plates together than this sightseeing adventure is for you. Within the scary depths of St Martin-in-Fields, you can purchase your own brass rubbing kit, choose a pattern and rub to your heart's delight. Or you can choose a finished rubbing from St Martin's wide selection. It usually runs to about 2.90 for the materials A word of caution to overzealous adults - children must be over five-years old.

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Southwark Cathedral

London Bridge, London, SE1 9DA
Tel: 020 7367 6700

There has been a place of worship on the site of Southwark Cathedral for more than 1,000 years, situated in the heart of a burgeoning business community, Southwark Cathedral's parish is small: only a handful of people are actually resident in the parish which comprises offices, two hospitals, the Cathedral Primary School and the Borough Market. Southwark is London's oldest Gothic building and is considered an architectural treasure. The title of Cathedral was bestowed upon Southwark in 1905. The Cathedral is an architectural marvel, a place of worship and a living historical monument.
Nearest Tube Station: London Bridge

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St. Paul's Church

Covent Garden, Bedford Street, London, WC2E 9ED
Tel: 020 7836 5221     Web:

St. Paul's Church is located in the busy West End of London and as well as being the Parish Church of Covent Garden, we are also affectionately known as The Actors' Church because of our long association with the theatre community. This beautiful church, built by Inigo Jones, has been here since 1633 and we are also proud to have an attractive
churchyard where people can rest and find some peace and quiet in what can be a stressful and busy part of the city. We have regular worship, concerts, literary and theatrical events, and seek to further conversation and local partnerships wherever possible and in whatever ways we can. In 1631 the Earl of Bedford commissioned celebrated architect Inigo Jones to build a square and encircle it with mansions and a chapel. The Church was completed in 1633 and consecrated for worship five years later. In 1645 the church was given its own parish and was dedicated to St. Paul that same year. In 1665 the daughter of a local doctor was buried in the graveyard- unbeknown that she was the first recorded victim of the great Plague that swept through London soon after. In 1795 a fire devastated St. Paul's and considerable restoration work followed. Worth a visit if you're in the Covent Garden Area.

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Westminster Cathedral

42 Francis Street, London, SW1P 1QW
Tel: 020 7798 9055     Web:

Westminster Cathedral is one of the greatest secrets of London; people heading down Victoria Street on the well-trodden route to more famous sites are astonished to come across a piazza opening up the view to an extraordinary facade of towers, balconies and domes. The architecture of Westminster Cathedral certainly sets it apart from other London landmarks, owing more to the Byzantine style of the eastern Roman Empire than the familiar Gothic of our native cathedrals. Its uniqueness is, however, not merely in its external form. Visitors find in Westminster Cathedral a very special place of prayer, a refuge from the busy city, a space to find one's own thoughts. This spiritual atmosphere, shaped through the silence as well as through the music of its celebrated choir, is the chief glory of the Cathedral, and the most extraordinary treasure to be discovered by visitors.

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