Taxis numbers in Shetland Islands
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Taxis and Private Hire companies serving Shetland Islands area

Taxis, private hire, hotel and airport transfers, etc in Shetland Islands ...

Taxis & Private hire companies may seem to offer the same services but there are distinct differences. Private hire companies are only allowed to pick up pre-booked customers whereas taxis can be hailed in the street. Below we display some of the taxi firms or private hire car services in the area although, with so many, it may not be an exhaustive list. For airport pick up or at stations, it may be cheaper to book in advance as taxis on the rank often have to pay a premium to pick up there whereas pre-booked taxis and private hire cars do not. Some also offer minibuses and chauffeur driven cars.

Taxi and Private Hire Services


Abby's Taxis

Smuckwell, South Califf, Gott, Shetland, Shetland Islands, ZE2 9SF
Tel: 01595 696666

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ABC Taxis

Tronvale, Trondra, Scalloway, Shetland, Shetland Islands, ZE1 0XL
Tel: 01595 880880

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Allied Taxis

155, Sandveien, Lerwick, Shetland, Shetland Islands, ZE1 0RX
Tel: 01595 690069    Web:

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Gee's Taxi

St Olaf Street, Lerwick, Shetland Islands, ZE1 0BX
Tel: 07827 641 222

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Kings Taxis

61, Sandveien, Shetland, Shetland Islands, ZE1 0RT
Tel: 01595 696500

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Lerwick Taxis

157, Sandveien, Shetland, Shetland Islands, ZE1 0RX
Tel: 01595 696600

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Sinclair's Taxis Ltd

31, Harbour St, Shetland, Shetland Islands, ZE1 0JS
Tel: 01595 694617

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Sixty Fifty Cabs

18, Sandveien, Lerwick, Shetland, Shetland Islands, ZE1 0RS
Tel: 01595 696050

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Viking Taxis

42 Bruce Crescent, Lerwick, Shetland, Shetland Islands, ZE1 0PB
Tel: 01595 695775    Web:

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Boddam Cabs

Boddam, Dunrossness, Shetland, Shetland Islands, ZE2 9JQ
: 01950 460 111

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