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Shetland Islands Museums & Galleries

including civic and independent art galleries and museums in Shetland Islands...

Museums long ago ceased to be stuffy rooms full of glass cases containing bits of old pottery and fossilised bones. Today even most conventional museums include changing displays but over recent years there has been a growth in industrial and "living" museums. Here you can learn about local heritage, get a feel for how people lived and worked, the hardships they endured...

Galleries listed include not just civic galleries displaying publicly owned artworks, but also privately owned galleries with items for sale.

Shetland Islands Museums and Galleries

George Waterston Memorial Centre & Museum

Tel: 01595 760244

Studying local social history, knitting traditions and patterns, as well as natural history and archaeology.

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Old Haa

Tel: 01957 722339

Contains local arts, crafts, and photographs. Open end April - end September - closed Mondays and Wednesdays.

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Tangwick Haa Museum

Tel: 01806 503389

The museum holds many fascinating objects and photographs. Open April - September.

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The Cabin

Tel: 01806 577232

The Cabin museum has a variety of World War memorabilia including uniforms, weapons, supplies and pictures on show. Open April - September.

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Bonhoga Gallery

Weisdale Mill
Tel: 01595 745750

Shetland's first purpose built gallery showing local, national and international exhibitions of art and craft. Cafe and gallery shop onsite. Open year round - closed Mondays.

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Scalloway Museum

Tel: 01595 880608/880666 or 077990 875845

Open May til September.

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Up Helly Aa Exhibition

Galley Shed, St Sunniva Street, Lerwick, Shetland, ZE1 0HL
E-mail: Information@UpHellyAa.org    Web: www.uphellyaa.org

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Crofthouse Museum

Boddam, Dunrossness
Tel: 01595 695057

Popular seasonal museum. Open May - September.

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Shetland Museum & Archives

Hay's Dock, Lerwick, Shetland, ZE1 0WP
Tel: 01595 695057

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