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Castles & Ancient Monuments in Orkney Islands

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Skara Brae

Mainland, Orkney, KW16 3LR

Skara Brae - Michael C Hogan


Skara Brae is one of the best preserved neolithic settlements Western Europe. First uncovered  in 1850 by a storm, the settlement is believed to have been occupied for around 600 year some time between 3200BC and 2200BC. In the care of Historic Scotland,  the site allows visitors to gain a real impression of life in a prehistoric village and see the ancient houses fitted with stone beds, dressers and seats. The visitor centre provides presentationsand information for children and adults, and an opportunity to see artefacts discovered during more recent archaeological excavations. Cafe and gift shop on site.

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Tomb of the Eagles

Liddle, Scotland KW17 2RW
Tel: 01856 831 339
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Brough Of Birsay

Birsay, KW17 2NH
Tel: 01856 841815

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Castles Eday

Orkney, KW17 2AB
Tel: 01339 883555    Mobile: 07748 495528
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Balfour Castle

Shapinsay, Orkney, KW17 2DY
Tel: 01856 711282    Fax: 01856 711283
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