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Raasay (Isles) Town Information

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raasay brochel castle
Brochel Castle - Photo: Chris Mclean CCL

Wild and so far unspoiled, this 15-mile island lies off Skye’s east coast and still echoes with the horrors of one of the most shocking chapters in British history. After the fugitive Bonnie Prince Charlie had been secreted here by the ruling MacLeods following the failure of the 1745 Jacobite rebellion, government troops sacked the island, destroying every house in their path.

Then in the 19th century came the potato famine, the sale of the island by the last member of the MacLeod family and, finally, the Highland clearances.

Today’s Raasay is tranquil once again and attracts visitors drawn by both the island’s history and its evocative landscape. Brochel Castle – once home to the McLeod of Raasay – is now a romantic ruin while Raasay House, another McLeod residence, has been transformed into a hotel complex. Dr Johnson and his friend James Boswell stayed here on a visit to the island in 1773. Dun Borodale is an Iron Age broch.