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Dunvegan Town Information

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dunvegan castle
Dunvegan Castle - Photo: Pam Brophy CCL

The fascinating village of Dunvegan lies near the head of Loch Dunvegan and is a tourist and trade hub for the northwest region of Skye.

A former port, it developed around Dunvegan Castle, one of Scotland’s most important tourist magnets. The stunning building sits on a rock and looks out imperiously on the loch and the nearby hills.
Dating to the 13th century, the imposing castle has been the ancestral seat of the MacLeod clan since that time and is even considered the oldest residence in Scotland to have been continuously occupied by a single family.

The castle’s treasures include the famous ‘Fairy Flag’ – a piece of silk with magical properties!

dunvegan childs playground
Dunvegan childrens playground -
Photo: Richard Dorrell CCL

An oddity in Dunvegan is a museum dedicated to Angus MacAskill, reputedly Scotland’s tallest-ever man. He was 7ft 8 inches tall and weighed 425lb. He died in 1863 at the age of 38 but not before achieving worldwide fame. After emigrating to America he made his fortune working in travelling shows. The town is the gateway to a region which boasts a number of Iron Age forts – including Dun Hallin and Dun Fiadhairt – as well as Skye’s folk museum and a piping museum.