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Kirkcaldy Town Information

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On the eastern outskirts of Kirkcaldy, off the A955 Dysart Road amidst hundreds of acres of parkland and coast, stands Ravenscraig Castle.

Originating in the 15th century, the castle has been much altered but was one of the first castles in Scotland built to withstand and return artillery fire.

Within Kirkcaldy is Dysart which was one of the earliest communities to exploit the coal deposits with mining starting as early as the early 15th century. Nail making also grew in importance as a local industry in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Famous for linoleum and modern floor coverings still manufactured today by the company started in 1847 by Sir Michael Nairn, Kirkcaldy can also claim fame as birthplace of Adam Smith (1723 - 90) who wrote "The Wealth of Nations" and architect and designer Robert Adam (1728 - 92).

The local textile industry was revolutionised by the introduction of the power loom, one of the first towns to do so in Scotland.

Nearby is Pan Ha', an unusual name from the local salt pans which were used evaporate seawater to produce salt. Pronounced "ker-koddy" and often misspelled as Kirkaldy.

Kirkcaldy sands - Photo © Bob Jones
Kirkcaldy sands -
Photo: Bob Jones CCL