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Linlithgow Town Information

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Both Mary Queen of Scots and her father, James V, were born here in 15th century Linlithgow Palace whose ruin stands high above a local loch.

The building was unfortunately damaged in 1746 by a fire started by the Duke of Cumberland’s soldiers.

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Linlithgow Palace - Photo © Alistair McMillan
Linlithgow Palace - Photo: Alistair McMillan CCL

Corvus Monedula - Photo © Simon Johnston
Corvus Monedula -
Photo: Simon Johnston CCL

The parish Church of St. Michael dates to the 13th century but was rebuilt after the same fire in 1424.

One of Scotland’s finest churches, it has a crown of thorns atop its tower.

Many of Scotland’s kings and queens worshipped within its Gothic walls. The oldest bell was rung in 1513 to mark the defeat of the Scots at Flodden.

Linlithgow Story Museum tells of the town's connection with the Stewart dynasty and the lives and occupations of its ordinary citizens.

Linlithgow - Photo © Nick Leverton
Linlithgow - Photo: Nick Leverton CCL