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Colinton Town Information

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One of Edinburgh’s most desirable village-style suburbs, Colinton lies in a steep valley on the banks of the Water of Leith and is close to beautiful woodland.

Its ancient parish church was founded in the early part of the 11th century by Ethelred, son of Malcolm III.

The village features in Robert Louis Stevenson’s uncompleted novel ‘Weir of Hermiston’ and it was here as a child that he imagined ghosts wandering through the churchyard. His grandfather was a local minister.
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Colinton Church - Photo © Kevin Rae
Colinton Church - Photo: Kevin Rae CCL

Colinton - Photo © Gordon Reynolds
Colinton - Photo: Gordon Reynolds CCL

The areas boasts a number of ‘arts and crafts’ cottages as well as Redford Barracks.

Colinton’s 15th century castle was left in tatters by Cromwell when he invaded Scotland.

Later, however, it was turned into a picturesque ruin by the artist Alexander Nasmyth, the ‘father of Scottish landscape painting’.