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Flying Activities Throughout Edinburgh

Learn how to fly with flying lessons, or explore the wonders of flying with flying, gliding, skydiving etc in Edinburgh...

This section covers Flying Schools, Gliding, Hang-Gliding & Paragliding, Parascending, Parachute Jumping, Skydiving, Microlighting etc. Learning how to fly would make an ideal gift! Flying Lessons or trial flights in light aircraft, gliders, ultralights and microlights

Edinburgh Flying

Edinburgh Flying Club Ltd

Business Aviation Centre, Edinburgh Airport, Edinburgh, Midlothian, EH12 9DN
Tel: 0131 339 4990    Fax: 0131 339 7055
E-mail:     Web:

For many people, their only experience of flying in any aircraft has been travelling abroad on their annual holiday or perhaps business trips. As a way of introducing people to ‘Light Aviation’ the Edinburgh Flying Club offers "Trial Flights" . The purpose of a trial flight is to let people experience flying in a typical single engine Club aircraft. At Edinburgh Flying Club we conduct all out trial flights in four seat aircraft. This allows you to take one or two friends or family with you when you have your first flight. If you wish to purchase a Trial Flight, you initially purchase a Trial Flight Voucher. You can either use the voucher yourself or give it to someone as a present. The voucher holder then telephones the Clubhouse and makes a booking for the flight.

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Edinburgh Gliding

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Edinburgh Hang Gliding & Paragliding

Scottish Mountain Paragliding Club

31 Winton Park, Edinburgh, EH10 7EX
Tel: 0131 445 4085     E-mail:

Social mountain flying club with 90 members, contact Alistair Bowman for further details.

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Edinburgh Microlight Flying

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Edinburgh Parachuting & Sky Diving

The Edinburgh University Skydiving Club


So you want to throw yourself out of a perfectly good aeroplane! Then this is the club for you. Whether you want to do it as a one off or on a regular basis, we can arrange it all for you at a discount price. The club meets during term time at The Crags, (opposite the Commonwealth Pool) on Tuesday's from 8pm.

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Support XH558, the world's only flying Vulcan