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Moffatt Town Information

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Of great strategic importance, Moffat lies at the crossroads of key routes to the awesome Devil’s Beeftub and on to Edinburgh, or through the steep-sided Moffat Water towards the Yarrow Valley. In the 19th century it became a famous spa town, attracting aristocrats such as the Empress Eugenie of France. It was also an important wool centre, which is why the life-like statue of ram stands in its main street. This pretty town also boasts the shortest street in Scotland (Chapel Street) and the narrowest (Syme Street), not forgetting the narrowest hotel!

The man who invented tarmac, John McAdam, is buried here while Lord Dowding, head of Fighter Command in World War II, was born here.

Moffat - Photo: Visit Scotland
Moffat - Photo: Visit Scotland

grey mare tail
Grey Mares Tail Waterfall - Photo: Visit Scotland

A short drive from Moffat is the magnificent Grey Mare’s Tail Nature Reserve, full of slopes and corries, which has an awe-inspiring waterfall at its centre and the White Coombe mountain as its highest point (821m).