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Udny Town Information

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Udny is the name of an area rather than a single village. Lying just south of Pitmedden between Ellon and Oldmeldrum, Udny Green has the village church, the village green, the school and Udny Castle. About 4km away is Udny Station, which, as the name suggests, was the location of the station on the old Formatine and Buchan Railway. The line has now been converted into a cycleway/footpath which winds its way through beautiful countryside. Anyone wishing to learn more about this or other local railways, may find Ewan Crawford's "Railscot" Scottish railway history site of great interest.
Udny Castle near Udny Green is a typical Scottish tower house with ornamental turrets, built by the Udny family in around the 15th century and still in the hands of family decendants today. Additional wings were added in the 19th century but were demolished in the 1960's.

In 1634 the family moved to their other property of Knockhall Castle, but after a devastating fire 100 years later, they returned to Udny.


 Udny Castle - Photo Lynette Johnson
Udny Castle

During the eighteenth century, medical research at universities was hampered by a shortage of dead bodies upon which to perform investigations. Many bodies, cadavers, were purchased illegally from "resurrectionists" who exhumed recently buried bodies for this purpose. In Scotland, the fear of bodysnatching, led some parishes to invest in methods to protect the deceased.
morthouse   In Udny, they built a Morthouse. This circular stone building houses a revolving wheel upon which a coffin would be placed and kept securely under lock and key. When another body was deposited, the wheel would be turned slightly to accommodate the new coffin.

Eventually, when a coffin had been rotated one full revolution, it could safely be buried because the corpse would be sufficiently decomposed as to be of no use to the body-snatchers.

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