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Lying on the north coast of Buchan, this picturesque fishing port near sandy Fraserburgh Bay was founded in the 14th century by a band of shipwrecked Danish sailors. Cowshaven Cave became a hiding place for Lord Pitsligo after he was outlawed following the Jacobite rebellion of 1745.

In 1424 Pitsligo Castle was built by the Fraser family and was enlarged by the Forbes family in 1570: the Frasers moving to Pittulie Castle. Both castles can be seen from the vllage.

Old Pitsligo Parish Church - Photo © J M Briscoe
Old Pitsligo Parish Church - Photo: J M Briscoe CCL

In the 1630s Sir Alex Forbes, resident of Pitsligo Castle and later to become the First Lord Pitsligo, expanded the existing settlement to develop a large commercial fishery. The harbour probably dates to then while Pitsligo Church was built in 1632.