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Zoos & Wildlife Centres in County Tyrone

Including Zoos, Wildlife Parks, Birdwatching & Rescue Centres

County Tyrone Zoos and Wildlife Parks, Birdwatching, Rescue Centres

Dungannon Park

Moy Road, Dungannon, Tyrone, BT71 7DT
Tel: 028 8772 7327    Fax: 028 8772 9169
E-mail: killymaddy.reception@dungannon.gov.uk

A seventy-acre park centred round an tranquil, Stillwater lake.

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Gortin Glen Forest Park

B48 Gortin Road, Tyrone
Tel: 028 8167 0666      Web: www.forestserviceni.gov.uk

Marked trail  to suit practically any age or ability, with the assistance of a Forest Guide available to pre-booked organised groups.

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Parkanaur Forest Park

57 Parkanaur Road, Dungannon, Tyrone, BT70 3AA
Tel: 028 8775 9311 / 028 8776 7432
E-mail: customer.forestservice@dardni.gov.uk      Web: www.forestserviceni.gov.uk

A nature trail runs through the park, past a Victorian garden, wishing well and old archway along the way.

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