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Port Sunlight Mock Tudor Houses - Photo © Colin Smith
Port Sunlight Mock Tudor Houses -
Photo: Colin Smith CCL

image spacer This small Wirral town once served nearby docks and came to the fore during the Industrial Revolution.

Here you will discover the unique delights of Port Sunlight, a real-life garden village built and designed by William Lever (Lord Leverhulme) in the late 19th century to house workers at his nearby soap factory.


The village was named after his company's best-selling Sunlight Soap.


The firm is better known today as the multi-national pharmaceuticals giant Unilever.

Lord Leverhulme also founded the Lady Lever Art Gallery as a tribute to his late wife.

It houses art, furniture and one of Britain’s biggest collections of Wedgwood china.

Lady Lever Art Gallery - Photo © Rich Daley
Lady Lever Art Gallery - Photo: Rich Daley CCL