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Maughold Town Information

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Typically Manx, Maughold is a dramatic district near Ramsey, set between high mountains and the coast. It was named after the Celtic saint Machaoi and may have been the main pre-Norse religious community on the Isle of Man.

Its church – one of the oldest on the island – was the site of an ancient Celtic monastery. The crosshouse in the churchyard contains almost a third of the pre-Norse cross slabs on the island. There are also the ruins of three keeills (chapels).

  Maughold - Isle Of Man Tourism
Maughold - Photo: IOM Tourism

A number of streams flow from Maughold’s higher lands into the ocean and the spectacular Maughold Head derives its name from St Maughold, or Machutus, who landed at its foot towards the end of the fifth century before taking up residence in a local cave. Iron and copper mining took place from medieval times to the last century.