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Isle of Man Museums & Galleries

including civic and independent art galleries and museums in Isle of Man...

Museums long ago ceased to be stuffy rooms full of glass cases containing bits of old pottery and fossilised bones. Today even most conventional museums include changing displays but over recent years there has been a growth in industrial and "living" museums. Here you can learn about local heritage, get a feel for how people lived and worked, the hardships they endured...

Galleries listed include not just civic galleries displaying publicly owned artworks, but also privately owned galleries with items for sale.

Isle of Man Museums and Galleries

Cregneash Village Folk Museum

Cregneash, Port St Mary, Isle of Man, IM9 5PT
Tel: 01624 648000
Web: www.gov.im/mnh/heritage/museums/cregneashvillage.xml

The Cregneash story begins in Cummal Beg - the village information centre, where you can experience what life was really like in a Manx crofting and fishing community during the 19th and early 20th century. Call in at Harry Kelly's Cottage, the Turner's Shed, a Weaver's house and the Smithy. Traditional cooking and spinning demonstrations on certain days. Thatched cottages, Loghtan sheep, a working farm and a cafe.

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Grove Museum

Andreas Road, Ramsey, Isle of Man
Tel: 01624 648000
Web: www.gov.im/mnh/heritage/museums/grovehouse.xml

Grove House offers a rare change to view a home built and furnished in the mid 1800's. Many of the main rooms still hold onto a way of life, now long gone. The Gibbs collected many things over their lifetime in the house and much of it is on show to the public through the rooms they lived in and rooms set up for display. The museum has a section set out with replica toys of the period for the children of today to play with. During the times the Gibbs lived in the house, they kept a variety of animals. The farm still supports animals and has quite a few Manx Loghtan sheep, ducks and chickens. The Gibbs also kept bees and through a clear plastic case the life of bees kept by the museum today can be viewed.

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House of Manannan

Peel, Isle of Man
Tel: 01624 648000
Web: www.gov.im/mnh/heritage/museums/manannan.xml

An excellent Museum for all ages. Plan to spend an afternoon there as it is about 2 hours minimum if you are looking around only vaguely. There are many interactive sections, which offer amusement for young or old. It is truly a fun way to view the past and present history of the Isle of Man.

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Manx Museum

Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 3LY
Tel: 01624 648000
Web: www.gov.im/mnh/heritage/museums/manxmuseum.xml

There is something for all ages inside this large and well presented national museum. Entering through the main doors, visitors are welcomed and presented with a guide for the museum. They are then shown into the Film Theatre to watch a short presentation about the history of the Isle of Man. After the film visitors are directed into the National Art Gallery, where they are then free to look around or continue on through the museum exhibits. Most the Manx Museum is interactive and allows visitors to sample visual, audio and exhibit items, which are of interest to them. Many of the exhibition rooms have interactive material specifically designed for children. After visiting the museum, there is an elegant cafe and large Heritage Shop near the museum exit doors. For those not interested in visiting the museum, but just wish to sample the delights of the cafe or have a browse in the Heritage Shop. Enter through the exit doors located on the older building.

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Murray's Motorcycle Museum

Bungalow Corner, Mountain Road, Snaefell, Isle of Man
Tel: 01624 861719

This is a truly impressive museum with a variety of motorised parts, machines and bikes. Displayed over many rooms it is hard to take in all that is on view. The TT (Tourist Trophy) photographs, machines, bikes, and riding gear is unlikely to be matched anywhere. Most items are marked with information signs, which can be vital when trying to identify times, make or use. Mike Halewood's 1961 TT winning Honda, might be worth a view or the outside statue of Joey Dunlop.

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Manx Aviation and Military Museum

Ronaldsway Airport, Ballasalla, Isle of Man
Tel: 01624 829294
Web: www.maps.iofm.net/
Weekends 1000-1630
Entrance fee
Aviation and military history of the Isle of Man, with displays on the airfields, flying units and casualties on and around the Island.

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Nautical Museum

Castletown Harbour, Isle of Man
Tel: 01624 648000
Web: www.gov.im/mnh/heritage/museums/nauticalmuseum.xml

The displays centre on the late eighteenth century armed yacht "Peggy" lying in her original boathouse. The Island has many fascinating historical Naval connections. Near public transport.

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