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Zoos & Wildlife Centres in Isle of Man

Including Zoos, Wildlife Parks, Birdwatching & Rescue Centres

Isle of Man Zoos and Wildlife Parks, Birdwatching, Rescue Centres

Noble's Park

Douglas, Isle of Man
Tel: 01624 696330    Open: May to September, daily from 10:00 to 17:00.

A beautiful, well maintained park, between Douglas and Onchan. There is something for both children and adults with an 18-hole mini golf, tennis, bowling greens, an aviary, children's play areas, and skate park. There is ample parking and the paved pathways make access around the park very easy. Well worth a visit, especially since most of the park is free!  Mini Golf Course,  Refreshment Kiosk.

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Tynwald National Park

Douglas, Isle of Man

Tel: 01624 685839 (Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry)
Fax: 01624 685851

Tynwald National Park (Arboretum) is located in the village of St Johns near Peel. Paved pathways wind through grass and trees providing easy access through the park. There is a small lake which is home to a variety of ducks which are always happy to be fed!.

Benches are provided throughout park and there is a small enclosed playground for children.

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Curraghs Wildlife Park

Ballaugh, Ramsey, Isle of Man, IM7 5EA
Tel: 01624 897323     Web: www.gov.im/wildlife/

In this well designed park, the animals live in large enclosures designed with their natural habitat in mind. Paved paths allow visitors to go through the enclosures, where the animals roam freely. Feeding times are always exciting and visitors particularly enjoy the exploits of the penguins. The park offers an opportunity to relax with a chance to see a variety of animals, birds, butterflies and other insects

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Home of Rest of Old Horses

Bulrhenny, Richmond Hill, Douglas, Isle of Man
Tel: 01624 674594

With excellent facilities, well maintained by volunteer staff, this is a great place to visit. The horses are not shy and really enjoy the company of visitors. Children love to feed them. Buy something to feed them from the gift shop and you will help support the venture and also stop the horses feeling hungry!.


The location is picturesque with excellent views of the surrounding countryside. Refreshments are available from the cafe and a small museum gives details of the centre's history.

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Mann Cat Sanctuary

Ash Villa, Main Road, Santon, Isle of Man
Tel: 01624 824195     Web: www.manncat.com/

Visit the many rescued cats and kittens (inc. Manx cats) in this pleasant country setting. There are also rabbits, ducks and goats. Gifts. On bus route.

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