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Steam & Miniature Railways Isle of Man

Includes Preserved Railways, Steam, Narrow Gauge and Miniature Railways in Isle of Man...

Isle of Man Preserved Railways, Steam, Narrow Gauge and Miniature Railways

Groudle Glen Railway

Groudle Glen, Onchan, Isle of Man
Tel: 01624 622138

This is a 2ft gauge steam railway which was opened in 1896 originally to cater for the tourists who were visiting the area in ever increasing numbers.

It runs from Groudle Glen, just east of Onchan for three quarters of a mile around the  headland to Sea Lion Cove where there are plenty of picnic spots, cliff-top walks, sea views and a small café.

For connections, both buses and the Manx Electric Railway trams stop at Groudle Glen and the railway station is just a short walk away.


Groudle Glen Narrow Gauge Steam Railway Station   -  Photo: Isle of Man Tourism
Groudle Glen Station   -  Photo: IOM Tourism

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Isle of Man Steam Railway

Tel: 01624 663366

This 3ft gauge railway runs for just over 15 miles from Douglas to Port Erin and is the last remaining line of a network that once covered several other routes in Victorian times. Even so, it is still the longest narrow-gauge railway in the British Isles and its rolling stock dates from the 1870s so you can really travel back in time.

From Douglas, the train passes through Port Soderick, Santon, Ballasalla, Ronaldsway, Castletown, Ballabeg, Colby, Level, Port St Mary to reach Port Erin.


Steam Train at Douglas Station   -  Photo: Isle of Man Tourism
Douglas Station   -  Photo: IOM Tourism

It provides an excellent way to  explore some of the attractive towns and villages on the southern part of the island and at Port Erin is the Railway Museum with its extensive collection of historic locomotives and rolling stock.

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Manx Electric Railway

Tel: 01624 663366

The Manx Electric Railway is a narrow-gauge tramway which first opened in 1893 running from Douglas to Laxey but eventually extended to Ramsey. All the trams running today are original, all built between 1893 and 1906.

The route from Douglas to Ramsey has stops at: Onchan, Groudle, Baldrine, Balla Beg, Fairy Cottage, South Cape, Laxey, Minorca, Dhoon, Glen Mona, Ballaglass, Cornaa, Ballajora, and Ballure. Many of these are by request and passengers notify the conductor of required stops.


Manx Electric Railway trams at Laxey   -  Photo Isle of Man Tourism
Manx Electric Railway trams at Laxey
Photo: IOM Tourism

From terminus to terminus takes around 90 minutes with many magnificent views of sea and countryside along the way. The railway was built to cater for tourists and there is usually a choice of indoor or outdoor seating

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Snaefell Mountain Railway

Tel: 01624 675222

Snaefell is the only mountain on the island and, apart from walking, the only way to the summit (2036 ft) is by the Snaefell Mountain Railway. This is single-track and runs for four miles from Laxey to the summit.

Built in 1895, the steepest part of the track has an incline of 1 in 12 and caliper brakes grip a central rail to help control decent.

There is only one stop midway on the journey for those who wish to join the train half way.


Snaefell Mountain Railway - Photo Isle of Man Tourism
Snaefell Mountain Railway
Photo: IOM Tourism

During the journey, passengers can enjoy views of some ot the island's magnificent scenery. From the summit, on a clear day, Manx tradition says you can see six kingdoms - England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Mann and the Kingdom of God.

The Summit Cafe provides refreshments and is especially welcome for those who have walked!.

blank tabGreat Laxey Mine RailwayHeritage Railway
34 Mines Road, Laxey, Isle of Man

This short heritage line was once part of the Great Laxey Mine, an important lead and zinc mine on the island. Once a tramway, the rolling stock was hauled by ponies. Go back into the mine's past and ride on steam locomotives, view restored rolling stock and see the largest water wheel in the world. Narrow Gauge
Tel: 01624 860186
E-mail:   Web: www.laxeyminerailway.inn
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