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Nantwich Town Information

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Nantwich, second half of the Borough of Crewe and Nantwich, is a town with a totally different character to that of its neighbour. It is is a smaller and older market town set beside the River Weaver with a medieval street pattern, a beautiful sandstone church and many listed buildings of great historical interest. The town has an all-pervading sense of history.

Just as Crewe is associated with railways, so Nantwich is associated with salt, Cheshire cheese, and picturesque black and white buildings.

In Medieval times salt was used for cheesemaking and tanning. The restored Brine Spring, known as 'Old Biot' on the banks of the River Weaver, is a reminder of when salt production was the mainstay of the town's economy.


Nantwich has survived many disasters throughout its history. In the 11th Century it was razed to the ground by the Norman invaders, two hundred years later it was attacked by Welsh marauders and in 1583 it was almost destroyed by the great fire. The town was rebuilt with the help of Queen Elizabeth 1.

During the Civil War, Nantwich supported the Parliamentarians and was besieged several times by the Royalist army. Eventually the town was relieved on 25th January 1644 and the townspeople celebrated by wearing holly in their hats. Every year the Battle of Nantwich is remembered with a re-enactment on 'Holly Holy Day.'

The focal point of the town is 'The Square', which is the setting for St Mary's Church, known as 'The Cathedral of South Cheshire'. One of the finest Medieval churches in Britain, it has many interesting features and its own visitor centre.

A 'Walkabout Tour' leaflet is on sale at the Tourist Information Centre where a free Tourist Guide can also be obtained.

Shopping in Nantwich is a pleasure in landscaped pedestrianised areas with a wide range of specialist shops and a colourful local market. Or you can enjoy a stroll along the Riverside Walk followed by a meal in one of the many excellent restaurants, pubs or cafes.

Surrounding Crewe and Nantwich are a multitude of pleasant villages set in classic English countryside. Many of the villages date back to before the Norman conquest and several have been listed as conservation areas because of their attractive and historic buildings. Audlem, set beside the Shropshire Union canal and Wrenbury on the Llangollen canal, make ideal stopping places for tourists.

Barthomley, Banbury, Church Minshull and Warmingham are idyllic rural villages with interesting churches and traditional pubs. Marbury has a beautiful old church, mere and pub.