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Flying Activities Throughout York

Learn how to fly with flying lessons, or explore the wonders of flying with flying, gliding, skydiving etc in York...

This section covers Flying Schools, Gliding, Hang-Gliding & Paragliding, Parascending, Parachute Jumping, Skydiving, Microlighting etc. Learning how to fly would make an ideal gift! Flying Lessons or trial flights in light aircraft, gliders, ultralights and microlights

York Flying

Baxby Airsports Club

Baxby Manor, Husthwaite, York, North Yorkshire, YO61 4PW
Tel: 01347 868443/572    Fax: 01347 868443
E-mail:    Web:

From the complete beginner looking for an initial trial flight to bespoke flight training adapted to meet your needs.

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Full Sutton Flying Centre

The Airfield, Full Sutton, York, North Yorkshire, YO41 1HS
Tel: 01759 373277     Web:

Please contact the centre for further information.

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York Gliding

The Airfield Pocklington, York, YO42 1NP

For an experience of a life time Wolds Gliding Club is awaiting to spoil you, all our equipment is of the highest standards. If you are only a beginner or advanced Wolds will cater for you. All our staff our fully qualified so you can feel assured you will be in safe hands, so why not treat yourself to the unusual life of full excitement, knowing the safety standards are there, so make your dreams come true.
Tel: 01759 303579    Fax: 01759 303579
See our website
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York Gliding Centre

Rufforth Airfield, Rufforth, York, YO23 3NA
Tel: 01904 738694
E-mail:    Web:

Where better to experience your first taste of gliding than the York Gliding Centre. In silent flight using only the powers of nature you can look down upon the magnificence of the city of York and look around at the beautiful Vale of York that surrounds it. Contact us for prices and further information.

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York Hang Gliding & Paragliding

Sorry! No data available at present

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York Microlight Flying

Airsports Training

Rufforth Airfield, Rufforth, York, YO23 3NA
Tel: 01904 738877
E-mail:     Web:

Microlighting (Beginner, Advanced), Pilots Licence, Corporate, Students.

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York Parachuting & Sky Diving

Sorry! No data available at present

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