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Easington Town Information

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The District of Easington stretches from Sunderland in the North to Hartlepool in the South. It is the coastline of County Durham. This stunning natural asset is now being developed so that visitors once again can enjoy its stark natural beauty.

The magnesium limestone cliff tops are cut by lush denes which form access to the beaches and hold a wide range of flora and fauna. Castle Eden Dene is of particular note for the fame of its natural beauty and also being the home of the rare Angus Butterfly.

The coast and the hinterland provide many excellent walks and rambles some of which are lead. As well as the indigenous interests of nature Easington also boasts many interesting features worthy of a visit.

Being in the land of the Prince Bishops Easington has Anglo Saxon churches dating back to the development of Christianity in the North East. Easington also was the last bastion of deep coal mining. With all the collieries now closed the district is facing the new millennium in the spirit of regeneration and renewal which is especially reflected in the acclaimed public Art programme.

The old colliery villages are being revitalised and offer a rural oasis to walkers and cyclists. The two major Towns of Seaham and Peterlee offer all facilities with the docks at Seaham, the home of the Londonderry family, making it particularly worthy of a visit.

Easington is only 20 minutes from Durham, Newcastle, Sunderland and Hartlepool, access being easy through a good road network. making day visits easy and enjoyable, there are also good hotels and bed and breakfast in the District for the longer staying visitor.