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Rothwell Town Information

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An historic market town, Rothwell has a large number of springs once considered to have healing properties. In the Middle Ages, Rothwell had a town wall and gates, a nunnery and the unusually long parish church of Holy Trinity, which today houses a huge collection of skulls and thigh bones.

An annual fair is staged when the bailiff of the Lord of the Manor rides round the town on horseback reading the town’s charter accompanied by a guard of halberdiers and a brass band.

Several buildings here were financed by Sir Thomas Tresham, grandfather of one of conspirators of the Gunpowder Plot. He lived at Elizabethan Rushton House where the Catholic rebels met in the grounds.

The Market House, designed by Thomas Tresham - Photo © Andrew Pickness
The Market House, designed by Thomas Tresham
Photo: Andrew Pickness CCL