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Stamford Town Information

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Burghley House - Photo: Lincolnshire County Council
Burghley House - Photo: Lincolnshire County Council

The "capital" of the Fens under the Danes, Stamford became an important woollen centre in The Middle Ages and its cloth was famed throughout Europe. The ensuing wealth paid for many of its beautiful old buildings, which were partly responsible for encouraging the government to designate the town as Britain’s first conservation area in 1967.

This elegant town has a number of early parish churches, including St Mary’s with its magnificent 13th century spire.
The manor of Stamford was inherited by William Cecil, favourite adviser to Queen Elizabeth 1, in 1552. He built Burghley House, widely regarded as the country’s largest and most grandiose surviving Elizabethan house.

Stamford has another claim to fame – in St Martin’s churchyard lies ‘the biggest Englishman ever’, Daniel Lambert, who weighed 52 stones when he died in the early 19th century.